Jams and jellies with ideal ingredients for sports diets

Do you love the taste of fruit in the melt-in-your-mouth version of grandma’s jam, but don’t want to give your body empty calories and a lot of sugar? If so, try our diet jams and equally healthy Frużelins. Our products are sugar-free in their ingredients and come from market-leading manufacturers such as OstroVit and Allnutrition. Customers particularly love their peach, berry, raspberry and apple Frużelins, which are nothing more than fruit preparations made from pieces of fruit embedded in jelly. Unlike popular jams, they are sugar-free. Frużelina is therefore an excellent addition to all kinds of dietetic dishes and desserts, whether for direct consumption or baking in various cakes as a richly flavoured filling!

Diet food – Frużelins, i.e. sugar-free gelled fruit!

Frużelina is classified as a diet food. Frużelins in sugar-free gel are an excellent addition to weight gain diets, diets for weight loss, diabetic diets or reduction diets. Many athletes mix frużelina with WPC concentrate as well as oatmeal, creating a real wealth of flavours, vitamins and protein! Frużelina can also be used to prepare fit desserts, from pancakes to traditional cakes. Frużelina is therefore a delicious alternative to high-calorie and sugar-laden fruit jellies. With our range, you can choose from over a dozen different flavours in handy packaging that will keep the jam fresh for a long time.

Delicious sugar-free jams – sweetened with erythritol

The jams you will find in our offer are sugar-free, which does not mean that they are not sweet and delicious! Their manufacturers have taken care to use a special sweetener which does not increase the calorie content of the products and is safe for our health. We are talking about erythritol, otherwise known as “sugar without calories”! Its use in jams has many benefits. In addition to giving fruit gelato mixes the right sweet aftertaste, erythritol has a zero glycaemic index, as confirmed by numerous studies. Thus, our sugar-free jams can be used in the diets of diabetics, people on a diet, as well as children!

Jams without added sugar for you, your family and also your business!

Our jams without added sugar are very popular with individual and business customers. They are bought not only by athletes, people training at the gym or parents caring about healthy food for their children. More and more orders are placed with us by business customers – restaurant owners, hotel managers or various types of bars, patisseries and cafés. So, if you want to introduce fit dishes to your menu, be sure to use sugar-free jams and frużelina sweetened with erythritol, which is harmless to our organism. Switch to diet food with us today!

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