Diet foods for athletes, bodybuilders and more!

In our offer you can find high-quality dietetic food for athletes, bodybuilders, people losing weight or for all those who want to include healthy snacks full of vitamins and active compounds in their diets. We encourage everyone to get to know our fit food produced by such recognised brands as Allnutrition, Olimp or OstroVit, among others. In our permanent offer and with a guarantee of fast delivery, you will find among others:

  • fibre powder,
  • diet creams,
  • the best sugar alternative on the market – erythritol,
  • sugar-free biscuits,
  • jellies for meals and desserts,
  • dietetic cake toppers in a wide variety of flavours,
  • sugar-free flavour drops,
  • coconut oil,
  • Himalayan salt,
  • diet cereals,
  • protein fruit muesli,
  • almond butter,
  • wholesome fit meals,
  • liquid eggs.

Sugar-free cakes for a moment of pleasure and without counting calories!

Taking into account the needs of our customers, not only bodybuilders and athletes, we have prepared an offer of delicious sugar-free biscuits, which can also be enjoyed by people on a GI or weight-loss diet. They stand out with their intense fruit, chocolate or cocoa flavours, top-quality jelly fillings and exceptional crunchiness. The sugar-free biscuits are sweetened with maltitol, with no added sugar or palm oil. They are a healthy snack – the perfect alternative to shop counterparts full of preservatives, colours, artificial enhancers and sugars!

Protein bars with high protein and fibre content

Protein bars should never be missing from the list of fit foods, as they can be considered a delicious snack that provides the body with a good dose of protein as well as fibre. This is why they are popular with athletes, bodybuilders, weight loss and weight gainers. Protein bars are appreciated by all physically active people, as they support the process of muscle regeneration and fat burning. In addition, many parents treat their children to these healthy, low-sugar sweets, and they are also recommended for seniors! Why not try an Olimp protein bar in one of the three flavours?

Allnutrition’s complete fit meals

The Allnutrition brand, known for creating nutritional supplements and diet foods, has also prepared a unique line of wholesome fit meals: FITMEAL. Its idea is to guarantee customers healthy meals with a high protein content and no added preservatives. At the same time, FITMEAL food is easy to prepare and store – no need to use the fridge! It is also worth noting that the wholesome dietary meals from Allnutrition delight with their flavours. Why not treat yourself to a juicy chicken in mustard sauce or poultry in a delicious Mexican sauce? You will find fit dishes from cuisines all over the world, from Asia to Latin America!

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