Citrulline – your way to soreness!

Do you want to find out the fast way to a muscle pump, sweat-free training and no soreness after the hardest workout? Then bet on the extraordinary action of the non-protein amino acid citrulline! It is essential for the urea cycle, which enables the elimination of a by-product of amino acid metabolism, i.e. ammonia. Pre-workout supplements containing citrulline are particularly popular with people planning training sessions in the evening – this product does not affect the nervous system, so there is no need to worry about problems with falling asleep (the supplement stimulates during exercise).

Citrulline is also an excellent supplement for those in the process of reducing body fat and aiming to reduce the loss of muscle tissue!

Citrulline as a dietary supplement – oxygenate your muscles!

Citrulline is used in the supplementation of athletes, including bodybuilders. This product increases the overall performance of the body, delays the feeling of fatigue and significantly accelerates muscle recovery time. In addition, citrulline adds strength and removes toxins – primarily lactic acid and ammonia. Strength athletes like to rely on this dietary supplement because it ensures faster blood flow to the muscles. This makes training more efficient and less tiring.

In the Bicepsshop range, you will find citrulline from the manufacturer ALLNUTRITION, among others. The available flavours of the supplement are strawberry-raspberry, mango and exotic fruit.

8 reasons to buy citrulline

Citrulline is perfect for the supplementation of amateur and professional athletes, including bodybuilders and those involved in other strength sports. It is particularly worth opting for this type of supplement when following a high-protein diet. Citrulline helps to achieve a muscle pump and to rapidly deliver amino acids important for muscle building to the cells. Buying citrulline from our range also includes:

     1.Guaranteed high citrulline malate in the form of an easy to take and dose powder.
     2.Providing your muscles with the highest levels of oxygenation.
     3.Delivering a high dose of nitric oxide to increase blood flow.
     4.100% assured reduction of mental and physical fatigue.
     5.Highest level of reduction of excess lactate.
     6.Training without breathlessness, sweating or energy fluctuations.
     7.The perfect support for building your physique or titanic form!
     8.An investment in a nutritional supplement of the highest quality, from the best manufacturers on the market.

Citrulline is also used to increase libido, as a so-called safe libido booster. It is therefore an excellent natural alternative to pharmacy potency drugs.

How does citrulline work? Nitric oxide booster

Citrulline is often referred to as a NO booster, i.e. a substance which helps in the correct synthesis of nitric oxide (NO), which is responsible for vasodilation of blood vessels while intensifying blood flow. In this process, citrulline is responsible for the conversion of ornithine to arginine, which is directly involved in the production of the aforementioned nitric oxide. It therefore contributes to improved blood flow to the muscles, which promotes improved nutrient transport, pressure regulation and a significant increase in physical performance. Citrulline has an excellent effect on the exercise capacity of professional and amateur athletes!

Dosage of citrulline – how to supplement citrulline malate?

For positive training effects, it is recommended to take 2 to 6 g of citrulline per day. It is advisable to divide the daily dose into two portions: the first taken before training and the second immediately afterwards.

Those choosing citrulline as their libido booster should use a lower dose – up to 2 g per day. If blood pressure needs to be regulated, citrulline is helpful when taken at a dose of 3-4 g per day. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor or nutritionist beforehand.

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