WPC – whey protein concentrate for the expansion of your muscles!

WPC (from Whey Protein Concentrate) is whey protein concentrate, which is obtained by micro or ultrafiltration. Such preparations in powder form have up to 80% pure (milk) proteins in their composition, which guarantee a simple and quick supplementation of the daily caloric intake – without supplying the body with carbohydrates (only 3-8% in WPC composition) and fats (2-6% in WPC composition)! This also affects the taste of the nutrient, which is available in many variants, from chocolate notes to fruity ones.

The biggest advantage of whey protein, influencing its immense popularity and satisfaction of demanding athletes, is the ability to provide the body with a considerable amount of protein inextricably linked to the amino acid profile. The result is a guarantee of prolonged release of energy and essential nutritional values during high physical exertion. WPC is therefore a protein supplement ideally suited for supplementing the diet of people with different needs and expectations. Often whey protein concentrate is used in a reduction diet.

Why supplement whey protein in an athlete’s diet?

Whey protein has one of the highest nutritional values among all proteins. Therefore, it is not surprising that WPC concentrates are eagerly used by athletes, including those who train intensively at the gym. Popular whey is full of essential amino acids, which must be supplied to the body with food. Whey protein also contains branched-chain amino acids BCAA (isoleucine, valine, leucine), responsible for stimulating muscle recovery after intense exercise. It is these micronutrients that have anti-catabolic properties, which means supporting the rapid expansion of muscle mass while preventing its breakdown.


It is worth adding that athletes readily reach for WPC concentrates due to the rapid absorption of whey protein through the digestive tract. An undoubted advantage is also the simple way of preparing the product and a wide range of different flavors. However, people with lactose intolerance must be careful with WPC protein.

How to use WPC protein nutrient?

First and foremost, WPC protein nutrient should be used after training. This is important because this way you can help the muscle recovery process after a hard workout. Protein taken after training also helps inhibit catabolic processes – without this, it is impossible to build muscle mass!


As for the preparation of WPC concentrate, the easiest way is to combine a serving of the powder (20 to 30 grams) with milk or water. In addition, it is worth combining whey protein with other products containing healthy fats and vitamins. WPC concentrate with fruit, nuts, avocado, flaxseed or peanut butter is sure to become a delicious as well as wholesome post-workout meal. Protein nutrients can also be added to various types of shakes, sweet dishes, oatmeal and omelets. Dosage, on the other hand, depends on your training plan, body weight and many other individual factors, which are worth discussing with a personal trainer or nutritionist.

Advantages of WPC concentrates

The advantages of WPC concentrates are indeed many. First of all, whey protein reduces muscle loss during a reduction diet, and also provides support for metabolic processes. At the same time, most WPC supplements contain a minimum of 80% protein per 100 g, which allows you to get the optimal amount of protein in 1 serving. In addition, protein concentrate is cheaper than WPI (isolate) and WPH (hydrolysate), and according to user reviews, it is also tastier – the availability of many flavors. It is also worth mentioning easy dissolution in water and milk or fast digestion. The real treasure contained in whey protein concentrates, on the other hand, are the mentioned essential amino acids, which the body does not produce on its own and you must supply with food. WPC provides 9 types of them in really large quantities! Excellent workout results, dream body shape and increased strength, guaranteed.

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