Shots and gels – your dose of energy during prolonged exercise!

Shots and gels are energy and pre-workout products that are perfect for both professional athletes and amateur practitioners of various sports. These products are especially popular before prolonged physical exertion, that is, before or during workouts at the gym. Shots and gels were created to give you energy – without remorse about using unnatural methods or supplements full of preservatives, dyes and sweeteners. New layers of energy are waiting for you, and with them improved results of overall physical performance. Check it out for yourself!

Energy shots, or energy bomb!

Energy shots are mainly in the form of small drinks, which are a real energy bomb, which is devoid of chemicals – a pre-workout shot is a wealth of stimulants and other micronutrients necessary for increasing the effectiveness of training. However, it is worth adding that shots have different compositions, which determine their use. Some affect accelerated metabolism and recovery, while others are particularly active on the nervous system, including concentration. As for the ingredients most often appearing in energy shots, the following should be singled out:

  • caffeine – stimulates and improves the performance of the body;
  • taurine – supports muscle building, helps transport creatine and inhibits catabolic processes;
  • B vitamins – have an excellent effect on the nervous system;
  • L-cytrulline – is counted among the so-called nitrogen boosters, improving overall performance;
  • Beta-alanine – regulates pH levels and helps increase levels of carnosine, which promotes increased muscle tissue;
  • L-arginine – important in the production of nitric oxide, which is great for exercise capacity.

Energy gels – with them you will achieve the results you dream of

Energy gels, like shots, can be taken during workouts/competitions, and also as a kind of “pre-workout”. These nutrients are most often found in squeeze packs with screw caps. There are small, medium and large volume gels available. As for their effect, they are primarily used to stimulate the body for increased effort. Energy gels are therefore a considerable injection of extra power while delaying the onset of fatigue.

The gel-like consistency of these that sports nutrition was not developed by accident. Unlike liquid energy bombs, macro and micronutrients are delivered to the body. The gel form makes it take longer for valuable elements to be released into the cells – the extra power is administered gradually and evenly.

To whom are pre-workout shots and energy gels recommended?

Energy shakes and gels are products especially recommended for use by athletes engaged in very intensive sports and long-distance training. Thus, cyclists, triathletes, bodybuilders, as well as runners and swimmers are eager to use them. In our offer you can find nutrients for athletes in various forms. We recommend excellent liquid doses of energy, which are recommended for physically active people during the most exhausting periods, such as prolonged endurance and strength training. We guarantee them shakes and gels with interesting flavor notes, as well as metabolism-friendly consistency.

Valuable tip! Before choosing a gel or shot for a specific competition, it is worth testing in small portions beforehand various sports nutrition products from our offer. This will help avoid gastrointestinal problems. A prior test is also a guarantee that the product will be matched to individual body requirements!

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