Gainers – weight gainers

Gainers are products containing professionally prepared combinations of carbohydrates and proteins. They are an ideal component which acts as a muscle mass nutrient – contributing to its growth or permanent maintenance. Due to their effectiveness and convenient form, they are used mainly by professional athletes, but gainers may also be used by other people who care about an attractive silhouette and leading an active lifestyle. Each gainer for mass is characterised by a high calorific balance, thus it is a solution guaranteeing a satisfactory and, what is important, fast effect. It is therefore one of the best products to reach for when building muscle mass.

Gainers – what exactly do these mass gainers consist of?

The basic ingredients in gainers are carbohydrates and proteins. However, the percentage and exact composition of gainers depends on the type of individual mass gainer. Individual products may be enriched with creatine, taurine or dextrose, among others. It all depends on what goal we want to achieve with them. What is important, gainers contain a small amount of fats, which, in addition, are characterised by a fairly high metabolism, so the body can process them quickly. In each case (when you buy the product from a proven manufacturer), they have safe, wholesome ingredients, which comprehensively enrich the body with the right amount of supplements supporting muscle mass gain.

Gainer for mass – what are the rules of use?

The exact dosage of gainers depends on the type of product. They must be used with appropriate regularity. However, it should be remembered that the permissible dose should not be exceeded. Gainers should be mixed in the right proportion with water or milk and taken at specific times of the day (with or after meals). The recommended method of use should be visible on the packaging. You can also check the most important information on our website for each product in our mass nutrition range. However, it is worth knowing that each gainer works differently depending on the time of consumption. Using them before training allows the body to release a higher dose of energy and reduces fatigue after training. Taking the right dose after a workout provides the body with calories, replenishing the nutrients lost during exercise. The high protein and carbohydrate content thus helps accelerate the process of increasing muscle mass.

Gainer for mass and a balanced diet

Gainers are a valuable component of a diet, but do not replace it. Their use should go hand in hand with a healthy and regular diet. If you lead an active lifestyle, you need to provide your body with a large number of calories to be burned during training. Gainers are therefore an ideal solution for those who have problems providing the necessary amount of nutrients with food. These mass supplements make up for dietary deficiencies or are a great way to create the calorie surplus that is necessary for muscle growth.

Why choose mass nutrients from Bicepsshop?

In our Bicepsshop shop you will find a very wide range of gainers exclusively from proven manufacturers. This is a guarantee of safety and effectiveness. With us, everyone can find a product which meets their expectations. We offer mass gainers in many different flavours (such as vanilla, strawberry-banana, toffee, chocolate, cream biscuits or even peanut butter).

A selection of gainers from our shop allows you to:

  • increase muscle mass quickly,
  • generate more energy for demanding workouts,
  • reduce the feeling of fatigue after training,
  • replenish calorie deficiencies.

Choose the ideal product for you and place your order now! We also encourage you to take advantage of our offer of other articles necessary for all people leading an active lifestyle.

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