Amino acids are components necessary for the proper functioning of the human body – they affect protein synthesis, tissue repair and absorption of nutrients from food, and are also involved in metabolic processes and changes in the muscular system. There are many types of them – some the body can produce on its own, others must be supplied through a carefully planned diet or in the form of supplements. The latter are called exogenous, and that’s what you’ll find in this category. Check out the wide range of amino acids and find out which ones are worth taking!

What are amino acids?

Otherwise known as amino acids – are a group of organic compounds formed by carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen molecules. Crucial for the proper functioning of humans are protein amino acids, which are the fundamental component of proteins that are the building blocks of the human body. Essential amino acids – that is, those you must supply with food or in the form of supplements – are important for your well-being and maintenance of physical form. In addition:

  • are responsible for balanced hormonal balance,
  • support cell regeneration,
  • take part in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates,
  • stimulate immunity and have antiviral effects,
  • regulate the functioning of the nervous system,
  • accelerate the growth of muscle tissue,
  • help reduce excess body fat.

In our offer you will find carefully composed sets of protein essential amino acids, which – taken in accordance with your individual training plan – will help you take care of a perfect figure, intensify the effects of exercise and maximize the body’s endurance to physical effort.

How to choose good amino acids?

When looking for amino acids that will perfectly respond to the individual needs of your body, pay attention to the composition of the products offered. They are designed for physically active people who want to replenish deficiencies and support their bodies in recovery after exercise. Our supplements are blends of carefully composed amino acids, supplemented with vitamin complexes and plant extracts.

In this category you will find branched-chain BCAA amino acids – these include valine, isoleucine and leucine. They are primarily a source of protein and are involved in muscle repair processes. They stimulate protein synthesis, so there is a noticeable acceleration of muscle mass building. They reduce the feeling of fatigue, which promotes the efficiency and effectiveness of workouts. It is recommended to take them before training. We also offer EAA amino acids, among them phenylalanine, valine, leucine, methonine and tryptophan. Take them during or after exercise to amplify the recovery effect. Their function is to strengthen muscle fibers, reduce degradation processes and influence the building of muscle mass.

Amino acids in tablets or liquid amino acids – which is better?

This choice is entirely up to you. By betting on amino acids in tablets, you gain the ability to take them quickly no matter where you are. They are optimally dissolved and therefore better absorbed. Powdered supplements, from which you prepare a solution to drink yourself, are efficient and sometimes more cost-effective – especially if you use them regularly. In our offer you will find products that are easily soluble in water, which you can sip during your workout, while keeping your body properly hydrated.

Choose amino acids for yourself and ensure the effectiveness of your workout!

Want to increase the efficiency of your body, prepare for an effective workout, support regeneration after exercise and take care of building muscle mass, choose carefully selected supplements from our offer. Amino acids come from proven manufacturers, combining essential ingredients and a form that is friendly to consume. Don’t delay and order today! All offered products are pure, concentrated doses of valuable amino acids supplemented with vitamin supplements.

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