Cooking oils for athletes and diet creams!

Creams and oils are important ingredients in many dishes. Unfortunately, the widely available products sold in hypermarkets are full of preservatives, artificial enhancers and sugars. So are there dietary equivalents, i.e. sports food oils and sugar-free creams? The answer is YES! In our offer, everyone can find high-quality healthy food from such recognised brands as OSTROVIT, ALLNUTRITION, TREC and 7 NUTRITRION. These manufacturers produce products which are valued by athletes, body-builders, diabetics and people losing weight:

  • creams with added vitamins for active people,
  • creams without palm oil,
  • food creams with added protein,
  • almond and nut butters,
  • dietetic food oils,
  • dietetic salad oils,
  • nutrient-rich olive oil,
  • oils rich in Omega-3 fats for intensive training,
  • healthy oils from organic plant seeds,
  • spray oils for convenient frying.

Oils for athletes and people on a weight-loss diet

Healthy and unprocessed vegetable oils, including rapeseed oils rich in Omega-3 fats, are recommended for people on weight-loss diets as well as for those who are physically active. They are salt-free, which makes them ideal for the diets of all those who put their own health and the health of their loved ones first! In our range, you can find vegetable seed oils as well as olive oil and coconut oil in spray form. This makes cooking even easier – the special packaging makes it easy to dose and helps to combat the habit of frying products in large quantities of oil. Bet on healthy and convenient frying today: attractive price and fast delivery, guaranteed!

Food creams with added protein and vitamins!

Food creams, especially those classified as dietetic creams, are an excellent dietary supplement with a guarantee of quick vitamin and protein replenishment! The best quality varieties are perfect for athletes. We therefore recommend creams based on nuts, avocado creams or diet chocolate creams. They are devoid of:

  • palm oil,
  • sugars and unhealthy fats,
  • preservatives, colours and enhancers,
  • artificial flavours.

Food creams for athletes, bodybuilders or people losing weight are worth using as an addition to cakes, breads, pancakes, rice waffles and other snacks. They are also chosen by boxed diets, bars, cafés, patisseries, restaurants, hotels and catering companies!

Food oils and creams for athletes at attractive prices!

If you are looking for dietary cooking oils and delicious creams for athletes with versatile applications, and you pay attention to fast delivery and attractive prices, be sure to start shopping in our online shop! We supply high-quality products from the world’s best manufacturers, and we are already trusted by thousands of customers from all over the Netherlands.

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