Stimulant supplements ideal before training!

Stimulant supplements are a guarantee of EXTREME POWER, multiplied strength and improved endurance! They help create a muscle pump, build muscle and speed recovery. Pre-workout boosters from our offer are tailored to the needs of various sports, including extreme sports, martial arts or competitive sports! Pre-workout boost supplements are also a regular feature in bodybuilders’ supplementation.

Types of supplements for stimulation

Amateur and professional athletes, as well as bodybuilders, will easily find stimulant supplements tailored to different varieties of training. Highly popular include:

ANGEL DUST – a pre-workout that gives an extreme dose of energy and stimulation before a hard workout.
BOOGIEMAN – a dietary supplement designed for athletes to use immediately before the most demanding workouts and competitions.
NAPALM ENERGIZER – an excellent energy booster for those planning endurance training.
ABE – PRE-WORKOUT – a supplement based on citrulline, which helps to supply blood to the muscles and eliminate fatigue after training.
KNOCKOUT 2.0 – this product increases energy production in the muscle cell, affecting better endurance.
HIGH KICK – a special supplement for fighters: it increases endurance, energy and concentration, so it is perfect for training in the ring or on the mat.
POWERROSE – a pre-workout supplement for women with 20 active ingredients that boost energy and strength.

Stimulant preparations for athletes – only proven brands!

For years, we have been supplying pre-workout supplements to the Netherlands from market-recognized manufacturers. The list does not lack such brands as TREC NUTRITION, ALLNUTRITION, BSN, IRON HORSE. We are talking about recognized companies on the market, which are famous for their high quality, safety of manufactured products for athletes, as well as for creating blends that are easy to use.

We guarantee that pre-workout boosters dissolve quickly in water, have neutral or pleasant fruit flavors, and are enclosed in handy packaging – sure to fit in your workout bag!

Advantages of using pre-workout boosters

Stimulant supplements are pre-workout supplements, thanks to which you can exercise longer, harder and with significantly increased intensity without the risk of muscle acidification or a sudden drop in energy. These products have an excellent effect on muscle pump, concentration, as well as overall performance and endurance. Stimulant supplements contain active compounds in their composition that affect various aspects of training – some provide maximum power, while others are created for stimulation and better recovery of the entire body after exercise.

The products for athletes and bodybuilders in our range include citrulline, choline, piperine and valuable vitamins and minerals, including niacin and zinc. Each of these ingredients provides pre-workout with everything you need to push your own endurance limits!

Dosage of pre-workout stimulant supplements

Stimulant supplements should be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, as well as according to individual recommendations of nutritionists or personal trainers. The most commonly recommended dose is 1 scoop of powder (its weight is indicated on the package), which should be mixed with 200 ml of water. Stimulant supplements are used immediately before training. Some are also worth using as libido boosters to increase potency.

Pre-workout supplements with a high content of citrulline are worth taking not only before workouts, but also after them. They are included in the NO Booster category of products that promote faster recovery. However, citrulline does not affect the stimulation of the nervous system, so you do not have to worry about a disrupted sleep cycle in the case of evening exercises.

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