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Feel the real pump of muscles!

Napalm Pumped is a pre-workout with a dose of 200 mg of caffeine

It will be perfect when you need a strong recharge before hard training

Deals ends in:


Do you need any top-up before training? Are you looking for something for a muscle pump?

Napalm pre contest pumped is the perfect combination of the right dose of caffeine, citrulline and beta-alalnine for truly demanding players!

It is a pre-workout that will work for women and men ­čÖé

Serving size: ~1 Scoop (8,75 g)
Servings per container: 40
Amount in8,75 g17,5 g
Citrulline malate3000 mg6000 mg
     of which citrulline2000 mg4000 mg
Beta-alanine1600 mg3200 mg
Betaine750 mg1500 mg
Glyceryl monostearate750 mg1500 mg
L-tyrosine250 mg500 mg
Choline bitartrate250 mg500 mg
     of which choline102,5 mg205 mg
Caffeine200 mg400 mg
Bacopa monnieri leaves extract (50% bacosides)60 mg (30 mg)120 mg (60 mg)
Glucuronolactone50 mg100 mg
L-theanine50 mg100 mg
Ashwagandha root extract (1,5% withanolide glycosides)50 mg (0,75 mg)100 mg (1,5 mg)
Ginkgo biloba leaves extract (24% flavonoid glycosides)40 mg (9,6 mg)80 mg (19,2 mg)
Niacin32 mg NE (200% NRV)64 mg NE (400% NRV)
Rhodiola rosea root extract (3% rosavins; 1% salidrosides)25 mg (0,75 mg; 0,25 mg)50 mg (1,5 mg; 0,5 mg)
Choline alfoscerate (alpha-GPC)12,5 mg25 mg
Vitamin B69 mg (643% NRV)18 mg (1286% NRV)
Piper nigrum fruit extract (95% piperine)2,5 mg (2,38 mg)5 mg (4,75 mg)
Cayenne pepper fruit extract (10% capsaicin)2,5 mg (0,25 mg)5 mg (0,5 mg)

Mix ~ 1/2 scoops of powder (4.38 g) with 75-100 ml of water. Drink one serving 30-45 minutes before training.


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