Pre-training supplements – support for intensive training

Achieving the muscular figure of your dreams requires a lot of patience, extraordinary endurance and a lot of effort. Very often fatigue and lack of energy make it impossible to achieve the goal. One way to help increase the effectiveness of body-building activities and overcome one’s limitations is to use pre-training products.

What are pre-workout supplements?

A pre-workout is a dietary supplement that prepares the body for increased physical exertion when we lack the energy to perform. It is thanks to pre-training supplements that the body is ready to undergo intensive strength and endurance training.

Powerful and demanding exercise causes muscle fatigue and damage to muscle fibres. Pre-workout supplements supply the body with amino acids, which increase energy levels, protect muscles and are also involved in muscle protein synthesis, thus helping tissues to recover quickly. They also cause the muscle pump phenomenon – dilated blood vessels and inflated cells enlarge muscles, making them more visible and harder. In addition, pre-workout supplements help to lose unnecessary body fat.

Pre-workout supplements – how do they work?

The effect of pre-workout supplements depends on what is in their composition. The most commonly used ingredients in pre-workout supplements are:


A psychoactive ingredient that affects the nervous system, increases concentration and also stimulates the release of adrenaline.


Protein formed from amino acids. Its use is recommended above all during intensive training, as it gives a large dose of energy. Creatine influences the development of muscle tissue – it makes it possible to extend training and also facilitates regeneration.

Citrulline malate

Helps to accelerate the muscle recovery process between exercise series.


This amino acid is involved in many physiological processes. Above all, taurine enhances regeneration processes and prevents fatigue. In addition, taurine improves mood.


Reduces body fat levels and allows for muscle building. Arginine contributes to the body’s immune system.

Who can use pre-workout supplements?

Pre-workout supplements are exclusively for physically active people. The main purpose of pre-training supplements is to increase the effectiveness of strength and endurance training. These supplements have a stimulating effect and strengthen muscles during training.

There are also contraindications for taking pre-workout supplements, such as cardiovascular diseases, e.g. hypertension or high levels of growth hormones. Therefore, before consuming pre-workout supplements, consult your doctor.

Remember to select pre-training supplements according to the individual needs of each body. Improper use of pre-workout supplements can contribute to over-stimulation, nausea, sleep problems, high blood pressure or heart arrhythmia.

Pre-workout supplements – how to use them

Each pre-workout has the most important information on the packaging, telling you how it should be used. The information shows:

  • recommended daily dose,
  • number of servings,
  • method of preparation,
  • when to take the product in order to maximise its effectiveness.
  • By following the pre-workout manufacturer’s recommendations, you can be sure to achieve the best training results.

As the name suggests, pre-workout pre-workouts should be consumed before training.

Bicepsshop pre-workout – a solution tailored to your needs

The pre-workout supplements you can find in the offer of our shop are products with a refined composition and action tailored to the needs of athletes.

Among the pre-training products in our offer you can find both powder and capsule products. The wide selection of pre-training products means that everyone is sure to find the right supplement to meet their needs and expectations.

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