NO XPLODE – 650g

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New formula !!!
6 g of L-citrulline
3.2 g of Beta-alanine
200mg of caffeine and Mountain Rosary
50mg of false ginseng
50mg of citrus flavonoids
Increases the level of energy and focus
Greater endurance and allows for longer workouts

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The quality of training and the body’s efficiency can be supported in various ways. Diet and proper warm-up are of great importance, but you can also reach for multi-component dietary supplements for ergogenic purposes.

What is BSN N.O. Xplode?

The properties of pre-training preparations help to give more on training units through various compounds and various mechanisms. Features of such a product are possessed by N.O. Xplode, which allows you to get agitation, vasodilation and delay fatigue. It is a mixture adapted to the needs of people training various disciplines and at different levels of advancement. It contains substances both ergogenic (increasing efficiency) and pro-health (including nutritional, antioxidant, or adaptogenic).


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