AAKG supplements – valued by athletes and bodybuilders!

AAKG supplements are often colloquially known as arginine for athletes and bodybuilders. This is because under the acronym “AAKG” is hidden an important active compound in sports supplementation. It is a combination of arginine and alpha-ketoglutarate, the abundance of which you can find in our products: AAKG 1250 EXTREME Mega (120 capsules with an AAKG dose of 1250 mg) or AAKG Powder (5200.00 mg of AAKG in 6 grams of powder). It is thanks to them that you can count on an increase in muscle strength and mass along with a visible “muscle pump” effect. AAKG adds to their power and promotes the removal of toxins from the body. It should be emphasized, however, that in addition to the active compound AAKG, supplements with arginine alone are available for sale!

Benefits of taking arginine

Arginine plays a really big role in sports supplementation, especially when it comes to strength and endurance sports. It is often combined with alpha-ketoglutaric acid, which results in better bioavailability of arginine, as well as producing more energy, coming from carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The benefits of taking AAKG are:

  • inhibiting the breakdown of proteins in the body – this results in increased muscle strength and mass,
  • inducing a muscle pump effect – talk about visible muscle growth,
  • excellent muscle nutrition – it adds strength and power to the muscles, and also helps regulate the functioning of the circulatory system,
  • Supporting the removal of toxins from the body – detoxifying effect, helps cleanse the liver and kidneys of ammonia,
  • instant recovery of the muscular system – eliminates the risk of soreness and facilitates recovery from injuries.

Taking supplements for bodybuilders and athletes with arginine or AAKG compound alone also promotes faster fat burning, improved immune system function or better mood! Arginine also promotes blood supply to the male genitals – increased libido, guaranteed.

Arginine vs AAKG: which nutrientis better?

Many athletes and bodybuilders wonder why AAKG is important for strength training and works better than supplements with arginine alone. The answer is simple: combining arginine with alpha-ketoglutaric acid amplifies the power of the amino acid, providing more benefits in sports supplementation. AAKG improves overall performance and has an excellent effect on energy metabolism. Arginine also participates in the process of muscle regeneration, so by using it with alpha-ketoglutaric acid, you will ensure greater strength and better training results!

Arginine dosage for optimal results

It is assumed that the daily dose of arginine ranges from 3 to 6 g. In the case of AAKG supplements, it can be lower, but one scoop of powder (6 g) is usually recommended, or 1 to 3 capsules of the supplement.

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