100% PURE WHEY – 4000g

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100% whey protein complex with added amino acids


22g of protein
4.6 g BCAA

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Providing our muscles with quality nutrients is crucial for proper muscle function, growth and maintenance. Like us, our muscles also like to “eat something delicious.” Indulge them and yourself with the deliciously creamy powdered drink 100% Pure Whey!

100% Pure Whey is a high-quality protein powder with a high biological value, whose protein content is 100% whey protein. In various flavors, 100% Pure Whey is a combination of whey protein concentrate and isolate and added amino acids (L-glutamine, L-arginine and BCAAs).

Choose 100 % Pure Whey and fuel your muscles to the fullest!

BioTechUSA 100 % Pure Whey, like all other BioTech USA products, contains carefully selected and safe ingredients.

Mix 1 serving (28 g, 1 level measuring spoon = 2 full tablespoons) in 250 ml of water and take twice daily. Take 1 serving between meals and 1 serving within 45 minutes of training on training days. On rest days take 1 serving in the morning and 1 serving in the evening. Use a shaker.


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