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Quick “carb loading” – a solid serving of complex carbohydrates (26 g in a 33 g serving)
Help restore muscle function (contraction) after very strenuous or prolonged exercise leading to muscle fatigue and depletion of glycogen stores in skeletal muscles2
Extra energy (carbohydrates)
Dessert rice cream without sugars, low in fat – an easily digestible product, suitable for vegans
A simple and instant pre- and post-workout meal – just mix with water (hot or cold) and you’re done! – Can be combined, for example, with a protein supplement

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Dessert Olimp Cream of Rice is a valuable addition to the diet of anyone who cares about healthy and balanced nutrition. It is a portion of complex carbohydrates without added sugars4. Rice porridge in instant form is great for the diet of bodybuilders and people training in figure sports, as well as endurance athletes. It’s an uninterrupted influx of energy that can help the body recover and reduce the effects of intense exercise.

High-quality rice cream by Olimp Sport Nutrition can serve as a delicious alternative to various types of oatmeal and other sources of carbohydrates. This is an exceptional-tasting form of supplementing “carbs”, different from typical carbo, and at the same time an instant option for busy people who don’t have time to prepare a meal before or after a workout.

In addition to the aforementioned instant carbohydrates, Cream of Rice’s composition contains B vitamins valuable to every athlete (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, vit. B6, biotin, folic acid, vit. B6) and vitamins: A, C, D, E.

Cream of Rice pudding (in instant form) is designed for people who focus on convenience. Simple preparation is one of the many advantages of Olimp Cream of Rice pudding. It will take you literally a moment! Dissolve one scoop of Cream of Rice powder in cold or warm water and you’re done! You don’t need a microwave or boiling water for this, and the consistency will still be just right.

Ingredients: 93.5% rice flour, 5% reduced fat cocoa, flavors, anti-caking agent – silicon dioxide; salt, sweeteners – acesulfame K, sucralose; vitamins [L-ascorbic acid – vit. C, DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate – vit. E, nicotinic acid amide – niacin, retinyl acetate – vit. A, calcium D-pantothenate – pantothenic acid, cyanocobalamin – vit. B12, cholecalciferol – vit. D, pyridoxine hydrochloride – vit. B6, riboflavin – vit. B2, thiamine mononitrate – thiamine (vit. B1), pteroylmonoglutamic acid – folic acid, D-biotin – biotin].

Nutritional information in 100 g per 1 serving (33 g)
Energy value 1487 kJ/ 355 kcal 491 kJ/ 117 kcal
including saturated fatty acids 0.9 g
0.4 g 0.3 g
0,1 g
including sugars 78 g
0 g 26 g
0 g
Protein 7.5 g 2.5 g
Salt 0.62 g 0.21 g
Vitamin A (μg RE) 480 μg (60%#) 160 μg (20%#)
Vitamin D 3.0 μg (60%#) 1.0 μg (20%#)
Vitamin E (mg α-TE) 7.2 mg (60%#) 2.4 mg (20%#)
Vitamin C 48 mg (60%#) 16 mg (20%#)
Thiamine (vit. B1) 0.66 mg (60%#) 0.22 mg (20%#)
Riboflavin (vit. B2) 0.84 mg (60%#) 0.28 mg (20%#)
Niacin (mg NE) 9.6 mg (60%#) 3.2 mg (20%#)
Vitamin B6 0.84 mg (60%#) 0.28 mg (20%#)
Folic acid 120 μg (60%#) 40 μg (20%#)
Vitamin B12 1.5 μg (60%#) 0.5 μg (20%#)
Biotin 30 μg (60%#) 10 μg (20%#)
Pantothenic acid 3.6 mg (60%#) 1.2 mg (20%#)
#RWS – reference intake values.

Dissolve one serving (33 g of powder = 1 scoop) in 200 ml of cold or 250 ml1 of warm water, stirring vigorously until the right consistency is reached. The water temperature should be suitable for consumption immediately after preparation.

A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is recommended.

To adjust the intensity of taste to individual preference, dissolve in 200-250 ml of water.



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