ANIMAL M-STAK – 21 packs

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  • Anti-Catabolism
  • Non-Hormonal
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Universal Nutrition Animal M-Stak is made up of a blend of anti-catabolic and anabolic amino acids.

This product contains potent flavones and phytoecdysterones. Consult with your physician before using this product, especially if you’re under one’s care for any reason. Discontinue use if nervousness, tremors, sleeplessness, loss of appetite or nausea occurs. Not for use by pregnant or nursing women. Not for use by persons under 18. This product may be banned by some athletic associations or federations. Athletes should consult with their sanctioning authority before use. Keep this out of reach of children. To keep it as fresh as possible, store this product in a cool, dry place, away from heat, moisture and sunlight. You know the drill.

21 Packs
Serving Size: 1 Pack
Servings Per Container:21
Amount Per Serving % DV
Natural Flavone/Sterone Complex750 mg      
Beta Ecdysterone*
Ajuga Turkestanica Extract (Turkesterone)*
Anti-Catabolic Amino Complex3,000 mg      
Anabolic Adaptogen Complex1,000 mg      
Muira Puama*
Safed Musli*
Insulin Potentiating Complex500 mg      
Banaba Leaf Extract (1-3% Colosolic Acid)*
Cinnulin PF™*
K-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (K-R-ALA) *
M Factor Complex500 mg      
Ginger Root Extract (Gingerols, Shaogols)*
6, 7-Dihydroxybergamottin*
Energy Complex500 mg      
Methylxanthine Complex (Caffeine, Theobromine, Theophylline)*
* Daily Value (DV) not established
Methylxanthine Complex (50% Kola Nut Extract, 22% Guarana Extract), Fenugreek Extract, Cyanotis Vaga Extract, Evodiae Fructus Extract, Grapefruit Extract, Cinnamon Root Extract, Gelatin, Di-Calcium Phosphate, Whey (Milk), Microcrystalline Cellulose, Titanium Dioxide, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate

Apply continuously for 21 days.

On workout days: Take 1 package 30-45 minutes before training;

On non-workout days: Take 1 package between meals.

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