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Reduce feelings of fatigue and tiredness1
Increase power and speed
“Pump” muscles – increase blood flow through muscles3
No preservatives
Convenience of use – dietary supplement in liquid, ready to consume before planned workout
1 ampule of Olimp Beetnox Shot® contains an average of 400 mg of nitrates – 500 ml of beet juice contains an average of 400 mg of nitrates

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Olimp BEETNOX® Shot – hit fatigue, improve power, feel the “pump “!

How many times have you had to end a workout early due to increasing fatigue during intense exercise? Don’t let that happen next time! An hour before your workout, reach for Olimp BEETNOX® Shot beet juice! Shake the glass ampoule with the liquid vigorously! Then unscrew the cap and drink the contents. Feel what a muscle “pump” is! Hit the fatigue that sets in8 and improve speed and power!

Each glass shot (60 ml) contains high-quality concentrated beet juice (from powdered beet concentrates), including nitrates (NO3) – 400 mg (standardized to medium content).

Beet juice has been popular for years among professional athletes and amateur trainees in strength and power/strength disciplines. The nitrates found in it are compounds that are partially converted to nitric oxide (NO) in an acidic environment. Increased production of NO contributes to vasodilation of blood vessels, allowing for more efficient transport of nutrients and oxygen10 along with blood to working muscles. Increased blood flow through the muscles produces a so-called “pump” muscle effect.

Olimp BEETNOX® Shot – effects of application

Reduction of feelings of fatigue and tiredness
Increased power and speed
Muscle “pump” – increased blood flow through the muscles

Concentrated beet juice (from powdered beet concentrates).

Nutritional information 1 serving (1 ampoule – 60 ml).
Concentrated beet juice,
including nitrates (NO3-) 60 ml
400 mg ˆ
ˆ standardized for average content.

1 serving per day = contents of 1 ampoule (60 ml) one hour before training. Do not use oral hygiene products during this time.

Do not exceed the portion recommended for consumption during the day. The dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of reach of small children.

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