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The first water filtering bottle made in Poland. Designed for people who practice a healthy lifestyle. The 0.7 l capacity is optimal for children and teenagers. The filter bottle is the perfect gadget for school. Thanks to the favorable dimensions and ergonomic design, you can always have it with you without worrying about buying water in disposable packaging.

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Capacity: 0.7 l

Filter capacity: 150 liters of water per month

The handy, reusable bottle is equipped with a monthly carbon filter (100% natural filter medium made from coconut shells). It removes the unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine from tap water. It leaves an unchanged amount of minerals naturally found in it (mainly calcium and magnesium), thanks to which water retains elements valuable for health. It slightly increases the pH of the water, which translates into its quality. It is made of durable plastic. It is completely free of harmful Bisphenol A and approved for contact with water based on appropriate approvals.


The filter bottle should not be scalded or washed in the dishwasher (high temperature may cause deformation or complete destruction of the product). The bottle can be washed with water up to 50 degrees C. The bottle carbon filter can be scalded in a separate container. Recommended boiling time: 60 seconds.


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