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The formula of the SKULL LABS® BRAIN REAPER SHOT supplement is a valuable combination of pre-training components with standardized plant extracts.

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What are the advantages of SKULL LABS SKULL BRAIN REAPER SHOT ingredients?

• Beta-alanine supplementation affects the synthesis and level of carnosine – thanks to this, it may prove to be a valuable support in the context of reducing fatigue, shaping lean muscle mass, improving certain exercise capacity and maintaining acid-base balance

• Citrulline may affect exercise parameters (including strength, endurance, endurance) and support the fight against fatigue

• The use of caffeine is of value in the context of supporting the cognitive functions and exercise capacity of the body in the period of increased psychophysical activity

• L-carnitine increases the level of carnitine in muscles and blood, and has a positive effect on a number of other processes, including detoxification, the Krebs cycle or lipid metabolism

• The presence of standardized plant extracts of ginger root, green tea leaves and black pepper fruit – a source of valuable active ingredients (gingerols, polyphenols and piperine)

• Choline supports the proper functioning of the liver, maintains an adequate metabolism of homocysteine ​​and fats

• Niacin has a valuable effect on reducing the feeling of fatigue and proper energy metabolism, and supports the optimal functioning of the nervous system and psychological activities

SKULL LABS® Brain Reaper Shot. Food supplement / Suplement diety. Serving size / Porcja: 1/4 ampoule / ampułki (30 ml) Servings per container / Ilość porcji w opakowaniu: 4
Zawartość w / Amount per:30 ml120 ml
Beta-alanine / Beta-alanina600 mg2400 mg
Citrulline malate / Jabłczan cytruliny250 mg1000 mg
     of which citrulline / w tym cytrulina167,5 mg670 mg
L-carnitine / L-karnityna250 mg1000 mg
Caffeine / Kofeina50 mg200 mg
Glucuronolactone / Glukuronolakton50 mg200 mg
Choline bitartrate / Dwuwinian choliny50 mg200 mg
     of which choline / w tym cholina20,5 mg82 mg
Ginger root extract / Ekstrakt z korzenia imbiru25 mg (1,25 mg gingerols / gingeroli)100 mg (5 mg gingerols / gingeroli)
Green tea leaves extract / Ekstrakt z lisci zielonej herbaty25 mg (12,5 mg polyphenols / polifenoli)100 mg (50 mg polyphenols / polifenoli)
Black pepper fruit extract / Ekstrakt z owoców czarnego pieprzu12,5 mg50 mg
Niacin / Niacyna12,5 mg (78% NRV / RWS)50 mg (313% NRV / RWS)

% NRV / RWS – Nutrient Reference Values / Referencyjne Wartości Spożycia

1/4 ampoule (30 ml) Servings per container : 4


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