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A flavored powdered drink made from whey protein isolate and hydrolysate with sweetener and citrus fiber and added vitamin C.

500g = 20 servings

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Our Iso Whey Zero Clear product has already shown that with its drink-like texture and refreshing flavors, it can be a real alternative to creamy protein shakes! The concept of Juicy Isolate is similar, but we’ve also spiced it up with dietary fiber and vitamin C. For example, if you like to start your morning with a glass of refreshing and fiber-containing orange juice, Juicy Isolate can be a great alternative to that with its high protein content!

Juicy Isolate’s protein content, – which also contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass – comes from whey protein isolate and soluble whey protein hydrolysate. Its fiber content comes from konjac root extract, plus inulin and citrus fiber. Among the product’s active ingredients, you’ll also find vitamin C, which also contributes to normal immune system function. Because of its delectable taste and nutritious composition, it too will be among your favorites if you like protein powder drinks with a refreshing character!

Mix one serving (25 g = 2 full tablespoons) of powder with 300 ml of water in the shaker. After shaking the mixture, let it rest for about a minute until the foam settles. Drink whenever you need a refreshment.


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