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Lion’s mane – a “must have” for body and mind health

It’s a remedy to help your brain step up to the next level and your motivation skyrocket. Proven health, mental health and well-being benefits in one supplement!

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Lion’s mane, or coneflower, is one of the more popular mushrooms around which many studies have centered, confirming its extraordinary brain-stimulating properties. It has enjoyed particularly satisfactory results in improving memory/remembering ability and other cognitive functions. In addition, it supports the work of the central and peripheral nervous system, and reduces neurodegenerative processes.

By using Lion’s mane Mushroom you benefit the immune system, raise immunity by reducing the risk of infection, and additionally have a positive effect on the gut flora. The good news for those who want to improve their health will be the fact that soplówka works:

– anti-diabetic (regulates sugar metabolism),

– anti-inflammatory reducing the risk of many diseases,

– anti-aging,

– antihypertensive,

– Hepatoprotective (protects liver cells),

– cardioprotective (promotes the heart),

– antibacterial,

– positively in autoimmune problems.

The concentrated extract of Lion’s mane Mushroom, without unnecessary additives and fillers, contains ingredients that positively affect cholesterol and lipid profile. In turn, due to anti-inflammatory compounds, they improve mood, increase motivation, reduce feelings of anxiety and alleviate depressive states.

Remember, good health and a functioning mind are the elements that create opportunities for better and better sports results! Motivation, energy, willingness to perform, as well as recovery for a medal. All the more so, since soplówka is credited with influencing the quality of sleep, which is a fundamental issue in intensive effort (psycho-physical regeneration)

net weight: 150 g

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS 1 serving (0,5 g)

10:1 extract From Sophora Hedgehog 500 mg

Dissolve 500 mg (1 scoop) three times a day in any beverage such as coffee, tea or smoothie. Consume immediately after preparation. Do not exceed the recommended daily serving.

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