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A unique product based on ground nuts
Top-quality peanuts
High protein content – almost 50%
Sweetened with sucralose!
Perfect for a ketogenic / fat diet
Perfect for baking, desserts and porridge
A rich source of healthy fats, protein, dietary fiber and microelements

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ALLNUTRITON PEANUT POWDER CHOCOLATE is a non-fat powdered peanut butter, which contains 30% less calories and allows you to create peanut butter with the perfect consistency after adding water. The peanuts found in our cream are slow-roasted and subjected to a process of removing up to 90% of the oil from them. We do not add sugar, hardeners, salt or other unnecessary additives to it, which makes it a source of healthy fats and proteins.

You want to satisfy your cravings for peanut butter without feeling guilty – this blend is for you! Powdered peanut cream is as much as 85% less fat than classic supermarket products. It is an ideal and quick solution for people who want to increase their training effects without unnecessary calories.

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