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Unflavored rice pudding powder



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Instant Rice Pudding from BioTechUSA is a vegan, easy-to-make, multi-cream rice pudding that’s great for a snack, afternoon snack, or even as a pre-workout meal! Instant Rice Pudding is a vegan rice pudding powder that is all-natural, tasteless and requires no cooking. You can make it salty, sweet, with seasonal fruits, with oil seeds with crunch or plain peanut butter. If you crave flavor, choose from Zero Drops flavor drops! Consume at any time of the day, even mixed with your favorite fruit! You can consume it on its own by seasoning it to your liking, or use it in cakes, for baking, for cooking, boldly using it as a base for your favorite recipes!

Mix 1 serving (40 g = 4 full tablespoons) of powder with 150-200 ml of hot water, mix well and let it stand for 1-2 minutes! Consume at any time of the day.

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