VIT D3 4000+K2 – 60 CAP.

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It helps in the proper functioning of the immune system

It improves the strength of muscles and joints

It contributes to the proper blood coagulation

It helps in maintaining healthy bones

Facilitates the absorption of calcium

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D3 + K2 is a dietary supplement containing vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) and K2 mk7 (menachinone). Regular consumption of vitamin D3 helps in the proper absorption of calcium, maintaining healthy bones and teeth and has a positive effect on the proper functioning of the muscles and the immune system. Vitamin K2 helps maintain strong bones and contributes to normal blood clotting.

The daily preparation supplements the diet with vitamin K2 and D3. Especially recommended to physically active people and anyone who wants to maintain healthy and strong bones.

Nutritional Value: 1 capsule / tablet (1 serving)
Vitamin D3 100 µg / 2000%*
Vitamin K 100 µg / 133.33%*.
*RWS – reference intake value

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