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New and better formula of our mythical pre-workout, the gorilla is back, formulated more than ever for and by athletes looking for effective supplements, Moonstruck® II is a pre-workout with effective doses to help you with blood flow, improve strength and power in every workout.

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Moonstruck® II contains plant extracts enriched with beet and grape nitrates, Gorilla Pump complex with 13g of nitric oxide with vasodilation power proven by its effective doses of each ingredient.

450mg of Energy&Focus complex, to give everything in our workouts without feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Just the right touch of stimulants and nootropics to focus on what you’re doing.

There is no other pre-workout on the market with these doses in a single scoop.

Moonstruck® II comes in new and refreshing flavors, with natural aromas and colors.


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