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Pre-Workout Booster NAPALM ON STAGE, maximising muscle pumps!

Pre-Workout Booster NAPALM ON STAGE is a pre-training supplement, without which many athletes and bodybuilders cannot imagine a successful workout. This is because the product guarantees a better blood supply, which is important during post-workout regeneration. In addition, NAPALM ON STAGE guarantees a rapid increase in lean muscle tissue. This booster promotes a maximised muscle pump, which not only motivates you to exercise thanks to its visible visual effect. Larger muscles also have an increased potential to become stronger and more resilient. With properly designed training, they will give increased performance. In addition, the muscle pump has the advantage of improving the transfer of amino acids and glucose into the tissues with the blood.

Who is NAPALM ON STAGE recommended for?

NAPALM ON STAGE pre-trainer has a wide range of applications. It is chosen by athletes, bodybuilders and active people who want to increase the effects of their training thanks to a muscle pump. The glycerol booster is especially recommended for strength and silhouette athletes who use NAPALM ON STAGE before training and competitions.

Discover the ingredients of NAPALM ON STAGE pre-trainer

NAPALM ON STAGE pre-trainer is a wealth of active compounds which have a positive effect on the performance of athletes and bodybuilders. The Fitness Authority brand has taken care of a unique formula consisting of the patented glycerol – GlycerSize™; citrulline; L-arginine and betaine. One 3.13 gram measure contains:

  • GlycerSize™ (65% glycerol) 750 mg; (487.5 mg);
  • Citrulline malate 750 mg including citrulline 250 mg;
  • L-arginine alphacetoglutarate (A-AKG) 750 mg including L- arginine 525 mg;
  • Betaine 375 mg.

Why should you reach for the pre-workout supplement NAPALM ON STAGE?

NAPALM ON STAGE is a unique pre-workout supplement that is primarily based on glycerol. It improves muscle oxygenation, enhances glucose and creatine transport and prevents dehydration. Like the other compounds contained in NAPALM ON STAGE, glycerol also increases the power generated by muscles along with improving overall endurance. You can also count on the aforementioned muscle pump effect. An additional advantage of the NAPALM ON STAGE pre-trainer is its excellent bioavailability and bioavailability, as well as the lack of creatine in the formula – making it a booster of universal use!

How to take the NAPALM ON STAGE booster?

NAPALM ON STAGE booster is best taken 30 minutes before training or competing. Preparing the supplement for consumption is simple – simply mix 3.13g of the product with 75-100ml of water. This equates to 0.5 scoops, which should be considered a sufficient daily dose. It should therefore not be exceeded, and when combining the booster with other supplements for athletes and bodybuilders, it is recommended to consult a nutritionist. It is worth adding that NAPALM ON STAGE is a creatine-free supplement. Thus, nothing prevents you from taking it during a keratin cycle, combining it with other active compounds!


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