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Increases endurance thanks to citrulline
Helps maintain acid-base balance thanks to beta-alanine
Provides muscle pump effect thanks to AAKG
Provides a stimulating effect thanks to caffeine

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The citrulline contained in the formula reduces the feeling of fatigue and increases the body’s performance, so you’ll be able to exercise for longer. This is because both citrulline and the AAKG contained in Shaboom Pump are substances that promote the formation of nitric oxide and cause a muscle pump effect. “Inflation” is nothing more than the dilation of blood vessels, which can thus deliver more nutrients and oxygen to working muscles. Power and energy will also be added by the caffeine contained in the pre-workout. The effect of beta-alanine contained in Shaboom Pump, in turn, is to inhibit pH changes in muscles, a side effect of which is the production of lactic acid – the discomfort associated with its presence is commonly called sourdough. Beta-alanine positively influences the acid-alkaline balance, thanks to which you will endure a longer effort and accelerate your recovery. Choose Shaboom Pump and improve your performance from workout to workout.

Portion: ~1 Measure (4.63 g)
Number of servings per package: 100
Content in 4.63 g
Citrulline malate 1500 mg
Including citrulline 1000 mg
Beta-alanine 800 mg
L-arginine alphacetoglutarate (A-AKG) 500 mg
Of which L-Arginine 350 mg
Betaine 375 mg
Glycerol monostearate 375 mg
Caffeine 100 mg

Mix ~1 scoop of powder (4.63 g) with 75-100 ml of water. Drink 1 serving 30-45 minutes before training.


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